In Fishermen TV coming to Little Duck

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We’ve told you time and time again that our fishing at Little Duck is as good as it gets anywhere in North America. Well, people are listening as have the staff at In-Fishermen TV. The crew from IF will be navigating and angling the waters at The Lodge at Little Duck Sept 7-13, 2017, while filming a fall fishing segment … Read More

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites films at Little Duck Sept 2017

David FisherManitoba Fishing, Manitoba Hunting, Nunavut Hunting

Joining us at The Lodge this year for a week of hunting and fishing adventures is Jimmy Sites, host of Spiritual Outdoors Adventure TV Show. Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites is an award-winning series, and it airs nationwide in the United State. The series is family friendly, faith-based, and full of high quality adventures and historic stories filmed in … Read More

Great Fishing Experience and Testimonial

David FisherManitoba Fishing

Dave, I just want to say again how much I enjoyed meeting you and fishing at The Lodge at Little Duck. This is a feeling shared with the friends I brought with me. The fishing was world class!! I caught at least 300 grayling, including the 5+ Manitoba Master Angler trophy grayling which was my goal. The other group of … Read More

Let Us Help You Plan a Trophy Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

David FisherManitoba Fishing

There’s little doubt that winter seems to be on its last legs. The days are getting longer and a bit warmer, but doesn’t mean we can’t get clobbered 1 or 2 more times by a big Colorado low. So…..assuming we have winter in the rear view mirror, the next thing to think about is our fishing plans for the upcoming … Read More

Still Some Great Fishing Dates for 2016

David FisherManitoba Fishing

We still have some great dates available for fishing at Little Duck this season for both summer and fall times. Whether you’re into sight fishing for huge pike in the shallows right after ice out, grayling in the rivers as the may, cadis and stone flies emerge, jigging up 50 – 100 or so lake trout in a day or … Read More

Fall Lake Trout Testimonial

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Fall fishing at The Lodge at Little Duck is nothing short of fantastic! I was able to achieve a total of 10 Master Angler awards for a “hat trick”, Pike, Lake Trout and Grayling. The guides were very knowledgeable, putting me in the right spot for each species of fish and instructing the proper lure to use. They were hard working and it didn’t matter what the weather … Read More

Trophy Lake Trout are a snapping on Neg!!!

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During the Sept 7-12 hunt that saw a perfect 12 for 12 on Caribou at Edehon Lake Caribou Camp, our guests returned to The Lodge at Little Duck for some fantastic fall Lake Trout fishing. In 1.5 days, 6 hunter/anglers landed 51 Master Angler trout in total. Biggest 43.5″. This number does take into account the total amount of fish they caught … Read More

What Some of our 2013 Fishing Guests are Saying

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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! The fishing was outstanding. The accommodations and staff were excellent. After being here the year prior, I could really see all the improvements you have made. I look forward to coming back next year again  and “rip some lips”. Would also like to pursue a Caribou Hunt with you for 2014!! Jonathon Tomares, Dickerson MD   The … Read More

We Still Have Some Openings for the 2013 Fishing and Caribou Hunting Season

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Whether you want to come up and fish shortly after ice out in July for monster pike, lake trout and arctic grayling or hunt Central Barren Ground Caribou during their annual migration during the month of September, we still have some great time slots open for both adventures for this upcoming year. Remember, fishing in September is specatular with spawning lake … Read More