What Some of our 2013 Fishing Guests are Saying

helloManitoba Fishing

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! The fishing was outstanding. The accommodations and staff were excellent. After being here the year prior, I could really see all the improvements you have made. I look forward to coming back next year again  and “rip some lips”. Would also like to pursue a Caribou Hunt with you for 2014!! Jonathon Tomares, Dickerson MD   The … Read More

What Some of our 2013 Hunting Guests are Saying

helloManitoba Hunting, Nunavut Hunting

I can’t think of any way to improve on your product Gerald Warnock, Portland OR (1994 Weatherby Award Winner)   Great hunting, great guides and management and great food and service.  All in all a wonderful experience. I would recommend it and will be back. Ryan Kohler – VP Wild TV   The Caribou hunt was as told. More animals … Read More