In Fishermen TV coming to Little Duck

David FisherManitoba Fishing

We’ve told you time and time again that our fishing at Little Duck is as good as it gets anywhere in North America. Well, people are listening as have the staff at In-Fishermen TV. The crew from IF will be navigating and angling the waters at The Lodge at Little Duck Sept 7-13, 2017, while filming a fall fishing segment for their TV series. The guys will be targeting lake trout, pike and arctic grayling during their stay. We all know of the traditional techniques trolling for lake trout using the biggest spoons imaginable (3-1/4 oz. 5 of diamonds is about as good as you can get) and other large baits that have produced an amazing number of trophy Master Angler fish over the years. Not to be out done by there counterparts, fly-fishermen are now tossing 5-7″ streamer bunny flies on top of mid lake rocky reefs and points and are also catching their fair share of Master Angler fish as well. As a matter of fact, last Sept we registered over 200 MA fish. Not bad for 3 weeks of fishing!!
The guys want to put top water baits to the test (for the first time) this fall in front of the cameras catching shallow lake trout on baits such as a Zara Spooks and possibly a few Jackpots. Should be a blast trying this new technique on these spawning lake trout, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to catch some huge northern pike up to and past the 50″ mark. I guess those fish would be just considered as “collateral damage”. Can’t wait to share this once of a lifetime experience with all of you once this show hits the air on TV. We’ll keep everyone informed on when that will be

Its never too late to plan a fishing adventure to The Lodge at Little Duck during the summer or fall seasons. Give us a call, you never know how reasonable a trip to Little Duck can be, especially if you want to bring a family member, (wife, son/daughter, grandson/daughter) along with you

And as we always like to say…… “Whether your passion is fly-fishing, casting a lure, or both, the waters surrounding The Lodge at Little Duck is truly a fisherman’s paradise”. With over 300,000 acres of private and productive water to fish, the odds are definitely stacked in your favour. Sorry fish…….