Our Northern Delivery Fleet


Have you ever wondered how a lodge as remote as ours gets in all the freight and fuel required to run a successful operation?Well the answer is simple. you use the biggest and best airplanes you can find to do the job.The big workhorse below is a Basler BT-76, that was once a  normal DC-3. Notice now the Pratt and Whitney Turbine engines that have been retro-fitted onto this classic northern heavy hauler.

Most everything you see at The Lodge from boats, motors, lumber, beds, carpet, showers,  equipment etc… comes up every year on this extremely dependable and efficient airplane. It helps when you can bring in over 5 tons of freight in one shot.

Thanks goodness for Cargo North!!

Fuel, and how we get it to our location is another consideration that creates another complete DSC_0429set of logistics. Being over 200 miles from the closest gas station requires some planning as we need  to bring in and store 4 different types of fuel for our normal day to day operations. Diesel is required for our generators and straight gas is used in our outboards and camp vehicles.  Jet A is required for our turbine aircraft and last but not least av gas for the piston planes. The plane pictured here is an Air Tractor 802. There are only 5 of these planes in the world configured to haul fuel, and delivers 1000 US gallons per load of various fuels to our location per trip.  Cheap it s not, however, it is the most efficient and economical way to ensure we have all the fuel we need to operate during each of our seasons. What a blast it is to see this very unique aircraft fly in and out of our lodge each season.

Now that’s definitely cool!!!