Another Tribute to Castle Valley Outdoors – Sprague Richardson, Bachelor Party 2013


An Experience of a Lifetime

My brother didn’t want the typical bachelor weekend like everyone who goes to Vegas and only remembers part of the weekend. He wanted something different that we could all remember and experience something out of the norm but would make us feel right at home. Castle Valley fit the criteria perfectly when I was looking for places to do this.

When looking for a place to have this gentlemen’s weekend for my brother, there were many places that were in the cards but Castle Valley stood out among the rest. The vast land that they offered and the hunts sounded great, but the selling point was the professionalism of management and the team at Castle Valley. Willing to do anything and go out of their way to make your hunt and weekend whatever you wanted. If it was getting particular items like certain cocktails or changing meal plans to make it more enjoyable, to letting us have the lodge to ourselves, they bent over backwards to fit our needs.

The lodge is located in the bottom of a valley surrounded by the true Utah mountains you see in movies. Even though the lodge was beautiful and everyone had their own king-size bed and bathroom, you wanted to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the countryside rather than inside the cabin. But with saying that, it was very easy to bring us in for dinner every night. The cooking was gourmet and there wasn’t a single plate left un-scraped.

Being waterfowl and big game hunters we didn’t know what to expect in upland game except what you can read. Castle Valley’s planned pushes worked out amazing; averaging over 35 birds every push of quail, chucker, and pheasants. It was also amazing to watch the guide work the dogs up and down the pushes not missing any birds the whole time.

In all, Castle Valley Outdoors made our weekend an experience never to forget. I have been lucky to experience many hunting adventures in North America and Castle Valley definitely stands on its head and goes above and beyond to make the customer satisfied and if you aren’t having a good experience they will do whatever is possible so you do.

Sprague Richardson